White-collar work has been considered preferable to blue-collar work for a while now. Not everyone is suited for an office job though. Some people prefer to work with their hands, and more and more people are learning that office jobs aren’t the only ones that pay well. If you’re sick
Every relationship requires boundaries. What are boundaries? Personal boundaries set limits on how others can behave in your presence and interact with you. Certainly, your boundaries have been violated at some point in your life. Maybe a partner used language that was unacceptable toward you. Perhaps someone invaded your privacy
Every entrepreneur desires success but, in reality, only a few make it to the top. Depending on your attitudes and behaviors, you can be more successful than you think. Here are several characteristics you should adopt today to achieve utmost success in the business world.   Find Your Motivation Most
Aisha Taylor is a confidence coach, author, dynamic speaker, and highly-sought-after consultant. She is known for her uncanny ability to empower teachers and industry leaders to show up as their most confident selves, all while making a bold impact both in and out of the classroom. Aisha built her coaching
Tiara Nicole Riley is a motivational speaker who focused on mental health, time management, and women’s empowerment. She has published four books all centered on developing the reader’s individual experience within their personal challenges. Additionally, she serves as a Business Coach who works step-by-step with her clients in individual and
Black Girls Right was specifically created to encourage and motivate women of color to write. Black Girls Right is a safe space where women of color can have open, raw, conversations. No filter, no cut cards, and no judgment. Black Girls Right is a community where women can feel support

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