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    Weight Lifting Will Does Not Make You Look, “Manly” Actually the opposite happens sis. When you decide to pick up weights only two things will happen. You’ll either tone your body or build muscle. Depending on what your fitness goals are you can use light weights to help tone and
  • There are a few things you have to be aware of when you first begin a journey with creating a healthier lifestyle. These are 5 hard things you will learn from your fitness journey and in actuality aren’t really hard at all. 1.  to be physically fit you have to
  • I don’t know about you but I love to read. I am always reading a new book whether I have it in my hand, reading it on my Kindle app or listening to it on my Scribd app. Reading stimulates your mind, it increases your vocabulary and it can lower
  • We can’t always afford to quit our day jobs to pursue our dream career. Food needs to be put on the table, and deposits need to keep going into the kids’ college funds. But it can be hard sticking to a career that we don’t like. Without a way to
  • Olga Kirshenbaum is a Money Whisperer and Owner of Rags to Riches Consulting. She empowers individuals, creative business owners and entrepreneurs to make money decisions with confidence. Even before starting college, she knew she wanted to be an accountant and decided to go to Marymount Manhattan College where she received
  • Life-changing moments such as the elimination of her then Fortune 500 marketing operations job, sparked her to look closer and reset her perspective on her identity, and what she had to offer. Taking a new outlook into the next job, led her to author the book Bring Your Crayon’s to