The Linda Dorty Gaines Award

Today we will honor Mothers from across the country for being an awesome mom. Initially, I was going to honor 5 mothers but my amazing sponsors gifted me enough to honor 8 amazing women. Please help me in congratulating these awesome women.


“By the grace of God, I started over after getting a divorce with two little boys 6 and 2. I picked up and moved to GA with my Volvo wagon and faith that the Lord would take care of us. The Lord never disappoints, I am still single with my eldest 19 in college and homeschooling my 15yr old. I moved to give my sons a better and brighter future. My 19ur old told me before he left that he could not have had a better childhood that he had with me as his mother than having two parents. It just touched my soul that he got it and understood the sacrifices I made for him and his brother.”


Carla Garcia writes, “I think she is the greatest mom of all time. We moved to the US 7 years ago! Nobody spoke English, nobody had a job or cars or nothing, my sister and I couldn’t work or drive. My mother did the impossible to make sure we had food to eat and clothes to wear and somewhere to sleep. She had 3 jobs and moved around on a bike! I think she gave up a lot of what she had back in our country just come here and make sure my sister and I would have a great future. I think that’s a lot to say about her, on top of being a single mother and moving here to assure a better living for her daughters, makes her a super strong woman and a great mother.”


Shalone Collins writes, “Because she’s selfless, she gives a lot of herself to make sure that her four kids and husband are well taken care of. She encourages them to read and be creative and follow their dreams. She has a 10-year-old with Scoliosis and he’s never once felt limited because his mom encourages him to reach the stars. Her youngest child just won a prize at the library because she’s one of the top readers. We’ve been friends for 10 years and I couldn’t imagine life without her and I believe she’s deserving of this award.”


Anathi Bali writes, “Where do I start? There are simply no words that could describe how amazing she is. She has been with us through thick and thin. She makes sure that we have everything that we need, I could write a whole book about the sacrifices she has made for us. Always going out of her way to make us happy. If I could give her the world, I would because she deserves it and so much more. I LOVE her so much.”


Shirley Payne writes, “My mom goes above and beyond for her kids. She loves us unconditionally and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. Although we live in different states she’s still there for me. My mom puts my needs before hers and I love my mom dearly.”



Crystal Collier writes, “We all believe we have the greatest mom there is, but mine truly is the greatest. As a single mother, she did everything she could to make sure I never saw her struggle nor did I ever go without. Not only that, while working full time, she was the primary caregiver for my grandmother who passed away from breast cancer. She’s a pillar in our community, always lending a helping hand or an encouraging word to anyone in need. She’s deserving of the world, and I know she doesn’t do any of what she does for recognition, but she definitely deserves it. I am grateful for her love, her guidance, her wisdom, and most of all, her prayers. I would not be the woman I am were it not for her.”


Analisa Jones writes, “She the most hardworking mom ever! Whenever she has a task she gets it done and she works her butt off! She always puts her kids and her husband before her no matter what. shes an amazing friend to everyone and an even better mom. She’s been through so much lately and she’s been so strong through all of it. She’s the best mom and the best friend I could ever ask for and is filled with love!”


Mary Smith writes, “She makes sure everyone always straight even when she doesn’t have it and for that, I know she deserves everything ❤❤”



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